greek yogurt is healthy snack food

Five Healthy Snack Foods You Can Prepare Under 5 Minutes

Eating healthy snack foods doesn't have to be time-consuming, boring or expensive. Some of the best healthy snack foods are delicious, inexpensive or easy to prepare. 1. Greek yogurt is higher in protein than most types of yogurt and most brands contain live cultures. The high-protein content means you'll stay full longer and take in fewer calories throughout the day. Adequate protein intake is important for a healthy diet. Live active cultures create a healthy balance of "good" bacteria in the intestines, so you'll have better digestive health and a stronger immune system. Pair it with blueberries for a healthy dose of disease-fighting antioxidants, and mix in a dollop of locally-produced honey for allergy-fighting sweetness. 2. … [Read More...]

plain popcorn healthy snack

The Best Healthy Snack Food To Help You Lose Weight

The ideal, healthy snack foods are the ones acquired from natural fiber. Commercially available snack food items like candies, cookies and chips have an increased fat content, as well as sugary ingredients, which lead to weight gain in people. Small portions of snack items, which have a lower calories value, are good … [Read More...]

raw vegetables are great healthy snack foods

What Constitutes A Healthy Snack Food?

Healthy snack foods are foods that provide maximum nutrition to the body, while using the least amount of energy to digest, making the full nutritional content readily available to the body. Foods that give the body the highest amount of nutrition tend to be raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, dairy and small amounts of … [Read More...]

peanut butter is healthy snack food

4 Healthy Snack Foods That Can Increase Your Productivity

Diet has a huge impact on your general health and day-to-day well-being, much more than most ever realize. Eating right can boost your immune system, help you sleep better, improve your moods and even help you be more productive. If you’re looking to boost your productivity with healthy snack foods, here are your best bets: […]

frozen yogurt is not a healthy snack food

5 Snack Foods You May Consider Healthy But Aren’t

Many people are trying to eat healthier or would like to make sure that their children are eating healthy. You prepare meals that are well balanced to ensure that everyone is getting the proper nutrients. You also look for healthy snack foods to help fill the void between meals, but what you may not know […]